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We care about the quality of our milk, which is why we do not feed our cows any hormones or antibiotics. We believe that producing high quality milk means treating animals with respect and allowing them to live a natural lifestyle. You'll taste the difference with the first glass of Crescent Ridge you try. 
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We source our milk from St. Albans Dairy Co-op, which is an organization which collects and distributes milk from local dairy farms across New England. The Aires-Hill Farm in Berkshire, VT (left) is a member of the St. Albans Dairy Coop, and is part of their distribution network. We pay a premium for only their highest quality milk, which Aires-Hill Farm consistently produces with their healthy & happy herd. 

Healthy & Happy Herds

Since 1820, Aires-Hill has been a family owned dairy farm. They have combined practical farming techniques, passed down from generation to generation, with modern technology and equipment. Things like breeding their own herd for new heifers, growing their own cow feed, and never using antibiotics are common practice for the high quality milk that they produce. The cows have grazing access to 550 acres of farmland when in season. This herd consistently produces the highest-quality rated milk.

Strictly A Glass Act

We believe that a higher quality product deserves a higher quality package. Glass bottles preserve the delicious flavor of milk the way it was intended. It also protects Mother Nature from thousands of plastic and paper cartons being dumped in landfills. We bottle just 2,000 gallons of milk a day at our own processing facility on our farm, so we can take the time to inspect every batch and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Our Whole Milk is never skimmed. In fact, it has about 20% more cream than the federal minimum. So you get all the cream — and all the full, rich taste. We receive shipments of fresh milk 3 days a week so you know what you're getting is only hours from the cow's udder.

Delivered To Your Door

Every day at 4:00am, our milkmen pack up the trucks with cold Crescent Ridge Milk and deliver it right to your door. There’s no better way to ensure that every bottle is handled with care, and arrives tasting just as fresh as it did when it left the farm. 

What Can Our Milkman Deliver To You? 


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