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 We believe that producing high quality milk means treating animals with respect and allowing them to live a natural lifestyle. You'll taste the difference with the first glass of Crescent Ridge you try. 
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We source our milk from Oakridge Dairy, a 5th generation family farm based out of Ellington, CT. Since their founding in the late 1890's, their farm has embraced values like self-sufficiency, sustainability and animal welfare. Through the generations, they have maintained and expanded upon those same values. That's why they've chosen to employ practices like growing their own feed. By growing their own feed right on the farm, they not only control the quality of the crop,  but are able to integrate green practices like "no till" cover cropping. By growing their own feed, they avoid having feed shipped to the farm, thus reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. 

Healthy & Happy Herds

Oakridge Dairy has a long heritage of animal care, enabling them to provide a healthy, safe and wholesome environment for their animals. Their open stall barns allow cows to move freely, as well as eat, drink, sleep or be near one another. Clean bedding is replaced often and old bedding is used as crop fertilizer. Their cows are given a feed mixture of hay, grain and necessary vitamins and minerals. They are never fed hormones of any kind. The milk produced is always free of antibiotics.

Strictly A Glass Act

We believe that a higher quality product deserves a higher quality package. Glass bottles preserve the delicious flavor of milk the way it was intended. It also protects Mother Nature from thousands of plastic and paper cartons being dumped in landfills. We bottle just 2,000 gallons of milk a day at our own processing facility on our farm, so we can take the time to inspect every batch and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Our Whole Milk is never skimmed. In fact, it has about 20% more cream than the federal minimum. So you get all the cream — and all the full, rich taste. We receive shipments of fresh milk 3 days a week so you know what you're getting is only hours from the cow's udder.

Delivered To Your Door

Every day at 4:00am, our milkmen pack up the trucks with cold Crescent Ridge Milk and deliver it right to your door. There’s no better way to ensure that every bottle is handled with care, and arrives tasting just as fresh as it did when it left the farm. 

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