Our Production Process

Step 1: Equipment Cleaning

To ensure that each run is as fresh and high quality as possible, our facility is thoroughly cleaned and dried. It is important to us to create a consistently delicious product that everyone can feel good about enjoying. This cleaning process also stops and cross contamination of allergens across flavor runs. 

Step 2: Cream & Sugar Mix

Before we can add any natural flavor to our ice cream, we must first mix the cream and sugar to the correct consistency and homogenization. This machine takes the liquid sugar and mixes it with the cream and milk at a low speed to ensure every lick is the same as the last. Our ice cream can be put into the class of "Super Premium" due to the fact that we use 16% milk fat for our ice cream. 

Step 3: Add flavors

Next we add the flavor to the cream and sugar mixture. We use as many natural flavors as we can in our process. This machine inserts the flavor into the cream and sugar mixture, slowly mixing during the process to evenly homogenize the product. 

Step 4: Freezing

Almost there! Now we freeze the product to create the frozen base for our ice cream. It has been flavored and mixed well and now is close to its final form before packaging!

Step 5: Add Mix-Ins

This is the last step before packaging. We add in the final ingredients like candy, nuts, sprinkles or chocolate chunks. We make sure to add plenty of mix-ins so you get a piece in every bite. 

Step 6: Packaging

We package our ice cream right after its been finished to ensure freshness. We package in half gallons as well as 3 gallon tubs for scooping at the dairy bar. Then its off to the trucks to be delivered to us!


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