Fresh. Local. Delivered

These three ingredients form the foundation of a solid, trusting partnership between Crescent Ridge and our loyal customers.

Crescent Ridge, our family-owned and operated farm and a Dairy of Distinction*, has been dedicated to delivering the freshest, tastiest products to our customers since 1932 when Malby Parrish started making his rounds in his 1928 Chevrolet milk truck.

Like we did so many years ago, Crescent Ridge still produces small batch milk that is pasteurized, homogenized, and bottled in glass right here at the farm to preserve the taste of the milk the way it should be, creamy, rich, and delicious.

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It's udderly delicious!

Our products have received national and international accolades. National Geographic has twice named Crescent Ridge one of the 10 Best Ice Creams in the World in its "The 10 Best of Everything: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers" and Men's Journal named our Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar among the 27 of the Best Ice Cream Shops in America in 2014. In 2021, People Magazine named Crescent Ridge one of the "Top 10 Ice Cream Shops In America” in their June edition. 

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Dairy's not all we do!

Crescent Ridge most recently expanded our farm fresh offerings to include locally raised, grass-fed beef and pork products. Raised on our 44 acres of beautiful pasture, our cows and pigs eat well so you and your family eat well.

Crescent Ridge will continue to evolve and satisfy our customers' good taste, while holding steadfast to those three important ideals: Family. Farm. Fresh.

At a time when colossal mega-companies are hopping on the milk wagon to offer home delivery, we’re still here, carrying on the tradition of bringing farm fresh, local products directly from Crescent Ridge to your fridge.

Going strong since 1932.

Since 1932, Crescent Ridge Dairy has been delivering small batch milk and quality provisions to families throughout Massachusetts. Ever since Malby Parrish made the first rounds in his trusty 1928 Chevrolet milk truck, folks have been looking forward to seeing the Crescent Ridge Milkman come around the corner each week.

As Crescent Ridge grew and our delivery routes expanded, we decided that since we were making the trip anyway, why not make customers' lives a little easier by also delivering some weekly staples and grocery items—more than 100 items at last count.

Today, Crescent Ridge is a modern dairy. And even though a lot has changed over the years, a lot has stayed the same. We’re still a family owned and operated business, with 3rd and 4th generation Parrish family members running the farm. You’ll still see the Crescent Ridge Milkmen making their rounds, each and every week. And, we’re still here on a farm that dates back to the 1800s, day in and day out, making the best tasting milk and ice cream you can find anywhere.

The timeline of our farm

1932 — Crescent Ridge Farm

Wind the clock forward to 1932. Malby and Mildred Parrish purchase the 44-acre Crescent Ridge Farm property, clear the land to make room for more dairy cows and crops, rename it Crescent Ridge Dairy, and quickly establish a trusted dairy that delivers fresh products to local residents… and to school children in half-pint glass bottles, ice cold and fresh.

With a hearty herd of dairy cows, and a trusty 1928 Chevrolet milk truck, the Parrish family opened Crescent Ridge Dairy and never looked back. We invite you to take a stroll through more than 90 years of hard work and dedication to our company, our community, and our delicious small batch milk and meat products.

1936 — Modernization

Crescent Ridge installs a modern pasteurization and bottling plant, building the foundation for a growing enterprise.

1942 — 325 Quarts A Day

The Finnergan Farm is purchased to allow for more cows and to raise hay and corn silage for feed. Milk processing grows to 325 quarts a day and a second milk truck is purchased. The Crescent Ridge delivery "fleet" is born.

1953 — Our Routes Expand

Our milkmen begin extending the routes to towns outside of Sharon, delivering Crescent Ridge Milk to families in Canton, Stoughton, Norwood, Walpole, Westwood, and Foxboro, Massachusetts.

1968 — Sharon Dairy Bar

The first Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar opens in Sharon on July 10th and is destined to become one of New England's most popular and award-winning ice cream stands.

1970's — Through Tough Times

Due to the economic climate over the course of the decade, many local dairies are forced to close, but the popularity of Crescent Ridge remains strong. In fact, during this time, our delivery routes expand to include the old Fisher Dairy, Whiting Milk Company, and Needham Dairy routes.

1985 — Cressie The Cow

The Crescent Ridge Dairy logo changes to the first modern iteration of our famous Cressie "C-Cow" logo.

1992 — Quality Provisions

Crescent Ridge expands its product line, offering trusted products such as fresh squeezed orange juice and other popular pantry staples.

1998 — Three Generations

Mark Parrish, Malby's grandson, becomes the third generation of the Parrish family to own and operate Crescent Ridge.

1998 — Processing Plant Upgrade

The dairy completes an important milk plant upgrade, adding additional warehouse, freezer, and lab space.

2007 — Celebrating 75 Years

Crescent Ridge celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

2007 — Crescent Ridge Earns Family Business Award

Northeastern University awards Crescent Ridge its first-ever Massachusetts Family Business Award. “Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the New England and American economy, with 80% of all American businesses, including 35% of Fortune 500, being family owned and operated,” said Ted Clark, executive director of the Northeastern University Center for Family Business.

2008 — Worldwide Kudos

National Geographic magazine names Crescent Ridge Ice Cream one of the 10 Best Ice Creams in the World - The 10 Best of Everything, an ultimate Guide for Travelers.


2008 — Reaching Out to Families

Crescent Ridge partners with the Greater Boston Food Bank by making weekly donations of food and dairy products. The Food Bank distributes more than 30 million pounds of food products to nearly 600 hunger-relief agencies throughout eastern Massachusetts in a dedicated partnership to end hunger in our region. This partnership goes on today with weekly donations to the food bank.

2009 — Green Retail

Crescent Ridge milk and ice cream become available in the new Star Market "green store" in Chestnut Hill. This is the first time in Massachusetts that high-efficiency lighting, appliance, and other advanced energy technologies have been applied to a retail supermarket.

2010 — Dairy of Distinction and Responsibility

Massachusetts Farm Bureau awards Crescent Ridge as a Dairy of Distinction for 2010 - The Dairy of Distinction program looks at the practices of a dairy and its farmland to ensure that the beautification of the New England landscape remains true to its history. The Massachusetts Farm Bureau has more than 90 years of experience in issues relating to agriculture in Massachusetts; and is widely considered the "Voice of Agriculture" in the Commonwealth.

2010 — Crescent Ridge Earns Green Packy Award

The Green Packy Award, also known as the Responsible Packaging Award, is presented to Crescent Ridge by Sustainable Bizness Practices for outstanding commitment to reusable, refillable, returnable-to-the-store glass milk bottles. Sponsored by Whole Foods Markets, Whole Foods Markets Green Mission, United Natural Foods, Inc., and the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, the Green Packy Awards are based on the Responsible Packing Guidelines for the Organic Industry.

2012 — Meat the Herd

Crescent Ridge expands the product line again. This time its quality products include its own local, pasture-raised, grass-fed beef and pork products.

2012 — A Second Helping of International Recognition

Once again, National Geographic magazine names Crescent Ridge Ice Cream one of the 10 Best Ice Creams in the World - The 10 Best of Everything, an ultimate Guide for Travelers.

2012 — Ice Cream With a View

Food & Wine magazine adds Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar to its online slideshow of the Best Ice Cream Spots in the U.S. Food & Wine Digital Features Editor Alex Vallis says eating ice cream in full view of a working farm, including cows, is part of what makes Crescent Ridge cool.

2013 — Farm, Fresh, Family Fun

Crescent Ridge launches a seasonal farmers’ market that offers fresh, local products from neighboring providers. Building on the market’s popularity, Crescent Ridge also introduces free Mooovie Night for local families and other seasonal special events.

2014 — In Good Company

Men’s Journal names Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar among the 27 Best Ice Cream Shops in America.

2015 - Boston Public Market

Crescent Ridge becomes a vendor at the Boston Public Market. The BPM is a permanent, year-round, self-sustaining market featuring fresh locally-sourced food. A first of its kind in Boston.

2022 - Crescent Ridge Celebrates 90 Years!!

Looking forward to many more!

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