World Dairy Expo

In October 2019 we traveled to Madison, WI for the Championship Dairy Products Contest at the World Dairy Expo presented by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association. Over 1500 products were entered into this years competition, making it the largest in competition history. Judging is based on a multitude of factors including taste, texture, overall appeal, bacteria counts, among many others. 

We won first place awards for our Whole Milk and 2% Milk in their respective categories, Mint Cookies & Cream Ice Cream for best mint ice cream, and our Coconut Almond Bar Ice Cream best ice cream with nuts. Second place awards were given for our 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk, White Peppermint Stick Ice Cream in the mint ice cream category, and Chocolate Pecan Chip Frozen Yogurt for the frozen yogurt category. And we also won one third place award in the open class flavored category for our Coffee Milk.

We have always known that Crescent Ridge products are some of the best in the world, and these awards are testament to that along with all of the hard work our dairy plant crew puts in, along with our local partners, farmers, and suppliers!

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1st place: Open Class Pasteurized Milk

Our Whole Milk won with a score of 100!

1st place: Two Percent white milk

Our reduced fat milk won with a score of 99.95

3rd place: Open Class Flavored Milk

Our Coffee milk won third with a score of 99.95

2nd place: Low fat Chocolate 

Our reduce fat chocolate milk came in second with a score of 99.5

2nd place: Mint Ice Cream

Our White Peppermint stick ice cream came in second with a score of 99.95

2nd place: Frozen Yogurt

Our Chocolate Pecan Chip came in second with a score of 99.7

1st place: Mint Ice Cream 

Our Mint Oreo Ice Cream took first with a score of 99.7

1st place: Open Class Ice Cream With Nuts

Our Coconut Almond Bar took first with a score of 99.7

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