All of the beef & pork we offer is produced on our 44 acre farm in Sharon, MA. We began raising in 2010 with the goal of raising some of the finest meats in the area. In order to keep our animals happy and healthy, we raise them by traditional means which differ vastly from the factory farms. We take pride in the natural way we raise our animals, which is why we never use pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients, or preservatives of any kind. 

Our Pasture Raised Beef

Our beef is grass fed and grazed on herbicide and pesticide free pastures here on our 44-acre Sharon farm. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones. Along with the grass and other forage in the field, we supplement our cows with local grain. Rotational grazing also helps us preserve the land as it helps with soil health and building a healthy grass root system. During the winter months, we allow access to our barn and leave the doors open for continual access to the pasture. The barn is outfitted with water and adequate bedding to make the cows as comfortable as possible. We typically raise Black Angus, Hereford, and Angus-Hereford Cross cattle breeds. We purchase most of our calves from Glen and Joan Veit out of Canterbury, CT, about 60 miles away from our farm.

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Pasture Raised POrk

We buy our piglets from Mark and Anne Ammons who manage Hunnewell Farm in Wellesley, MA. Once on our historic 44-acre farm, we raise the pigs outdoors where they are free to forage. They also have access to a barn, and move from outside to inside at their freedom. We never use any type of crates or small confinement, nor do we dock tails or use nose rings. The pigs are able forage, and we supplement vegetarian feed.

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Our Apiary & Bees

Crescent Ridge Apiary consists of 10 hives which arrived at the farm in February 2020. The hives house over 700,000 bees, which were supplied by Dave Borah of Borah's Bees in Needham, MA.  The first harvest occurred in July 2020! As of Summer 2021 we have doubled our hive numbers! Click the link below to purchase our own honey!

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