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You need a milkman for a couple reasons… First, having a milkman is like having a 100% guarantee that your family will have farm fresh products even when you don’t have time to get to the grocery store. You’re busy every day, let us save you a trip.

With weekly Home Delivery service, there's always something good from Crescent Ridge in your fridge because we deliver more than milk; we deliver a choice of more than 100 other grocery items. Many of the items on the list are locally sourced products that you can’t get in the store–items like Ward’s produce boxes, Ackerman Maple Syrup and Golden Girl Granola to name just a few. Then, it's dinner made delicious and homemade made easy.

Here’s another good reason… Your Crescent Ridge milkman is a direct link between your family and our farm. It’s so nice to put a face to a company. If you have a question about your products or have a suggestion, share it with your milkman and he’ll make sure it gets back to us. Because we are a family owned and operated business, we can be nimble and respond to customer needs personally.

We can tell you more about Crescent Ridge in three words: Family. Farm. Fresh.
Crescent Ridge, our family-owned and operated farm, has been dedicated to delivering the freshest, tastiest products to our customers since 1932 when Malby Parrish started making his rounds in his spiffy 1928 Chevrolet milk truck.

Like we did so many years ago, we still produce small batch milk that’s pasteurized and homogenized right here at the farm in Sharon, Massachusetts then bottled in glass to preserve the taste of milk the way it should be – creamy, rich, and delicious. 

Over the years, our Crescent Ridge product line has grown to include a variety of milk and cream products, and nearly 50 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt made from treasured family recipes. We know it’s udderly delicious, but don’t just take our word for it. National Geographic magazine has ranked Crescent Ridge ice cream one of the Top 10 in the World, and Men’s Journal named our Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar among the 27 of the Best Ice Cream Shops in America in 2014.

Dairy’s not all we do. Crescent Ridge recently expanded our farm fresh offerings to include grass-fed beef and pork products. Raised on our 42 acres of beautiful pasture, our cows and pigs eat well so you and your family eat well.

Crescent Ridge will continue to evolve and satisfy our customers’ good taste, while holding on to the three ingredients that make us a Dairy of Distinction* – Family. Farm. Fresh.

* Massachusetts Farm Bureau awarded Crescent Ridge as a Dairy of Distinction for 2010 - The Dairy of Distinction program looks at the practices of a dairy and its farmland to ensure that the beautification of the New England landscape remains true to its history.

We deliver 5 days a week, snow, rain or shine!

If you’re interested in joining our home delivery service, the process is as easy as 1-2-3.
Step #1: You’ve already taken a big step by getting here. Now click here to create an online account.
Step #2: We’ll take it from there. We’ll process your information and set up your customer profile.  Then we will confirm that you’re in a delivery area and to confirm your delivery day, start date, and any other important information.
Step #3:  You shop online then the driver arrives at your home with our delicious products - from Crescent Ridge right to your fridge! Please be aware that there is a $15 minimum for order delivery. That fee includes our small delivery charge.

We charge a $4 delivery fee for our driver and truck to come to you. If you refer a friend to Crescent Ridge and they become a customer, we will waive both of your delivery fees for 3 months after they receive their fourth delivery! Just have your referral enter your name in the “Who referred you?” field upon signing up.

Please be aware there is a $15 minimum for delivery. That minimum includes your delivery fee.

If you’re a home delivery customer, we pick the bottles up weekly and there is no deposit.  Simply rinse out the bottles and leave them for your milkman.

If you buy milk at the Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar or in a grocery store, there is a $2.50 deposit.  Again, please rinse out the bottles and bring them back to the store and you’ll be able to collect your deposit.

We don't need the caps returned to us, please recycle them at home. Also remember to rinse your bottles well! Help us stay green so we don't have to wash bottles multiple times.

We deliver weekly.

We deliver to homes throughout the day. Deliveries can occur as early as 5:00am and as late as 4:00pm. The timing depends on the individual driver and his route. Feel free to email us for more information about your specific route and schedule.

With our new route management software system, we’re able to continuously optimize the route plan as the routes grow, so delivery times may change as we add your friends and neighbors to the route.

Because routes vary every week, please leave your cooler out THE NIGHT BEFORE to ensure you receive your delivery!

Not home? Not a problem. We deliver to coolers outside your home or garage. Just tell us where it is!  We’re also happy to deliver directly to a refrigerator in your home or garage as long as you provide a key or garage code.

If you don’t leave a cooler out, the driver will only leave your delivery if you’ve made prior arrangements. This helps to ensure that the milk won’t freeze and burst in the winter or spoil in the summer. In the summer, you should place ice or ice packs in the cooler to keep your delivery fresh and cold.

If you’re going away or just want to skip a week, no problem. We can accommodate your schedule. Simply go online, click the 'Skip Delivery' tab then enter a vacation date range.

It’s a good idea to enter a date two days PRIOR to your delivery day. Remember, always double check your shopping cart prior to logging out to make sure your change was saved correctly.  Contact customer service at 781-784-2740 or if you need assistance.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and cash.

If you move, we’ll follow!  If your new home is within our delivery area, we’ll gladly update your address and add you to a different route!  Please contact us with your change of address at      781-784-2740

After you log in, you can find your billing information under the “My Account” section.

It’s really e-easy! Just email us at and let us know that you’d like to go paperless with e-bills. Help save our environment.

If you have to cancel a delivery, and we hope it’s just temporary, simply click on “Shop” and then click on “Skip Delivery.”  You’ll be able to select the cancelation and resume dates.

Sorry, once just isn’t enough. We don’t offer a one-time delivery. But if you sign up for regular delivery and for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply cancel. Why not give it a try?

A recurring order or standing order includes the essential products that you want delivered every week. But life happens, so you can make changes as often as you like. The advantage to having a recurring order is that you can place it and forget. Your essentials will arrive as scheduled, even if you forget.  We recommend having a recurring order, but the choice is yours. We’re flexible.

You can add and subtract products from your order under the "Shop" tab in the recurring items screen as long as it is before your cut off time.  Please check the shopping cart screen prior to logging out to ensure your order is correct.

Cut-off times for placing orders:
Monday delivery day > Sunday by midnight
Tuesday delivery day > Monday by midnight
Wednesday delivery day > Tuesday by midnight
Thursday delivery day > Wednesday by midnight
Friday delivery day > Thursday by midnight

Nope. We don’t believe in penning in our customers. Just like the steer in our pasture, customers are free to come and go as they please. 

Not necessary! Once you enter your information for the first time it will be saved securely. You can update the information whenever you like under "Account Options" or give us a call at 781-784-2740 and we’ll do it together.

To change your delivery address, please contact customer service at or 781-784-2740. We’ll need your old address, new address, and the effective change date. Please try to give us two week’s advanced notice. This will give us time to rearrange the route or switch you to a different route. 

Absolutely! Not only do we deliver our farm fresh products directly to your home, we also deliver to grocery stores such as Whole Foods Markets, Hannaford, Big Y, Star Market, Shaw’s, Sudbury Farms, and Roche Brothers.

And when you’re in our neighborhood, you can also buy Crescent Ridge products in our own retail location in the Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar in Sharon.

We’re strictly a glass act because it preserves and protects. Glass bottles preserve the delicious flavor of milk the way it was intended and protects Mother Nature from plastic and paper cartons being dumped in landfills.

Our glass bottles are crystal clear and very green. You know what they say, the glass is always greener…

We’d love for you and your family to visit Crescent Ridge. Come on down to see the cows in our pasture, enjoy an ice cream, and shop our products in the Dairy Bar. If that’s not enough, please check out Crescent Ridge’s special events.

Yes, we hardly ever close! The Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar serves up our famous, award-winning ice cream all year round. We carry more than 40 flavors of ice cream and made from our family’s treasured recipes.

Our milk is not certified organic. We pay a premium to procure the highest quality raw milk from the St. Albans Cooperative in Vermont. The farmers who supply the cooperative have signed pledges stating their herds have never been treated with artificial growth hormones. Additionally the FDA tests all milk to ensure there is no presence of antibiotic residue in any milk.

Our beef and pork are never treated with any hormones or antibiotics, and we do not use pesticides or fertilizers on our fields, other than our animals own fertilizer of course. :)

Never! None of the milk we produce comes from cows that have been treated with growth hormones. And none of our Crescent Ridge Angus steers or pigs are treated with growth hormones.

Perfectly pasteurized! We pasteurize our milk using a HTST system, which means it’s heated to 165F for 18 seconds then cooled.  We know some of our customers even make cheese with our milk.

Absolutely!  It's the tastiest cheese you'll ever eat!

Crescent Ridge is proud to stock our delivery trucks with our own farm-raised raised beef and pork products.

BEEF: Our pasture-raised Angus steer roam freely in the fields and always have access to fresh, clean water. They enjoy a grass-centered diet supplemented with locally sourced grain. They eat well so you eat well.
PORK: Our pigs are also raised here on our farm. They have access to local grains and water, as well as free access to the barn for shelter and protection.

We never give our animals growth hormones, antibiotics or any animal by-products in their diet. Additionally our fields are never treated with pesticides or fertilizers....other than their own fertilizers of course. :)

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact customer service at 781-784-2740 or We'll work as fast as humanly possible to take care of any problem.

Yes, Yes, Kosher, Yes, No American Express, Sugar-free, Party time!

Yes. We have a herd cows roaming around in our 42 acres of pasture.  Please come by and visit them!

Yes, all of the Crescent Ridge ice cream and toppings are Kosher.

Yes, we accept credit cards, but go ahead and leave home without your American Express. We don’t accept that one.

Yes, we’re happy to offer sugar-free coffee, raspberry swirl, and vanilla ice cream. In fact, we also offer non-dairy sorbet in three flavors-lemon, raspberry, and mango.  We keep a list of our gluten-free ice creams at the Dairy Bar, just ask your scooper!

We love a party! We’d love to make your special event even more special with ice cream from Crescent Ridge. Because every event is different, the cost is determined by the number of people in attendance, menu choices, and the location.


If you have any other questions, please email us at


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