Home Delivery

From Farm to Family… and Back Again

When you sign up for Crescent Ridge Home Delivery service, it’s like having a 100% guarantee that your family will have farm fresh products even when you don’t have time to get to the grocery store. You’re busy every day; let us save you a trip.


Your Crescent Ridge milkman is a direct link between your family and our farm. If you have a product question or have a suggestion, share it with your milkman and he’ll make sure it gets back to us. Because we’re a family owned and operated business, we can be nimble and respond to customers virtually immediately.


At a time when colossal mega-companies are hopping on the milk wagon to offer home delivery, we’re still here carrying on the tradition of bringing farm fresh, local products directly from Crescent Ridge to your fridge.


Over the years, our family-owned and operated farm has continually moved forward, blending traditional values with today’s best business practices.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to process our dairy products and the most current software systems to bring the highest level of efficiency to our order processing and delivery route planning.


It’s this unique combination of tradition and technology that optimizes your online experience and brings the best of both worlds to our loyal customers.


Delivering Delicious


Shop online until your heart’s content and your pantry’s full.

Sign up today and shop online at your convenience. Crescent Ridge carries more than 100 quality grocery items—from our own small batch milk,  OUR OWN pasture raised beef and pork, award-winning ice cream, to weekly staples like eggs, cheese and bread, to prepared meals, desserts, and more. Please be advised that there is a $15 order minimum (this total can include your delivery fee).


Delivering delicious, every week.

Our milkmen deliver groceries to more than 80 towns and communities throughout Massachusetts. When you sign up, you’ll get a weekly delivery day (Monday through Friday) based on where you live along our route.


Keeping precious commodities safe and sound.

Our small batch milk, dairy and meat products, and other provisions are delicious and precious commodities. So we need a cool, safe place to leave them for you. A vintage Crescent Ridge Milk Box, cooler, or garage refrigerator work perfectly.  


Sorry, we do not deliver to college dormatories.  Also, if you live in a highrise, please contact us as we may not be able to deliver to your building. 

Any questions?  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Or  you can always give us a call at 781-784-2740 or send an email at info@crescentridge.com.  

Sign up for Crescent Ridge Home Delivery today and never go a day without delicious!






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